Personal Data

  • This is where you update your RL, Company, Password, Semiannual Hours. You can also choose the duty positions you fly most.

Flight Logbook

  • One of the things to keep in mind is that when you are logging flights or sim periods you will be logging flights based on the Primary Aircraft that you have selected under your Pilot Information. However adding a flight is really simple.

  • If you're adding more than one flight then you may want to view this time saving tip.

  • So after you get all your personal data set up correctly you should be ready to start logging flights. You’ll be logging flights based on your PRIMARY Aircraft that you selected in the Pilots Information.

  • You can edit or delete your flight simply by highlighting a row and clicking the edit button.

  • You can easily print your logbook by downloading a report. You specify the date ranges to download.

  • If you would like to log hours flown in another airframe then this tutorial will guide you in the right direction.

Semi Annual Topics

Career Totals

  • Army Flight Logbook will display the total hours you have flown throughout your career.

  • You can view the hours you have flown broken down by month in a nice bar graph.

Company Reporting

Company Admin

  • As a company admin you are considered as a super user. You will be able to add and remove aviators in your ATP. You'll know that you're a company ADMIN if you see the admin button on your main menu.

  • If you have slots available to add a new aviator you can add a new aviator to your ATP.

  • Do you need to update an email or update an aviators user level access?

  • Editing a user you have the option to remove a user. It is important to know that removing a user doesn't delete their flight records, rather it removes them from your ATP. Their account will be locked unless they have an active subscription.

  • If you need to reset a password for an aviator in your ATP you have the ability to do so under the edit menu.