Editing and Deleting Flights

You can edit or delete your flight simply by highlighting a row and clicking the edit button.

Select the Row and Click Edit Flight

You can either select a row or double click a row and you will be in edit mode. You'll know that you are in edit mode because everything in the Expanded Information box now becomes active - meaning you can click and change things.

Your Edit Area

The Edit Area should now be active. You can change anything you wish in this area. Once you hit update it will save to the database and your selected row should be updated.

Update or Delete Record

Updating Record
After you have made your changes pressing the update key will update your logbook.

Deleting Record
If you choose to delete press the delete button. Notice that you have a delete button with the corresponding ID field. That is how you know that you are altering the correct row. This will preeminently remove this from your logbook.

NOTE: You will not be able to select another row until you either Update, Delete, or Cancel.

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