Viewing Flights

So after you get all your personal data set up correctly you should be ready to start logging flights. You’ll be logging flights based on your PRIMARY Aircraft that you selected in the Pilots Information.

Click Flight Logbook

So to enter the logbook you’ll click the “Flight Logbook” button and you’ll be taken to the your Aircraft Logbook.

You have two logbooks...

You’ll notice that there are 4 top buttons labeled “Flights, Simulator, Semiannual, and Totals”
The Flights and Simulator are you two logbooks - one for your aircraft and the other for your simulator. It’s like having one logbook with a divider keeping the Aircraft Flights separate from the Simulator Flights.
So opening the logbook for either the first time or for any other time the spreadsheet is blank. That is by design as you have several choices available to you allowing you to fill the tables.

Three ways to load/view your flights

You’ll notice 3 buttons at the top of the spreadsheet (View All Flights, Filter by Date, and Filter by Current Semi - Period).
1. Viewing All Flights
If you have flights logged clicking the “View All Flights” button does exactly that. It will find all the flights you have logged based on your PRIMARY AIRCRAFT that you have selected in the Pilot Information section discussed in the previous section.
2. Filter by Date
Clicking the either Start or End date will trigger a date menu to appear. When you choose the date it will be inserted in the respected form field.
Once the start date and end date have been selected you can click the Filter by Date button. The spreadsheet will populate with flights that occurred in-between the dates.
3. Viewing Semiannual Period
When you click the Filter by Semi - Period button you will notice that the start and end dates will populate with dates. These populate with whatever dates you have entered/saved in the Semi Annual Data on the Pilot Information page. If you haven’t entered any dates then this button will not work and will prompt you to fix the error.
After the dates are filled in the spreadsheet will start to fill in with flights that occurred between those two dates.
Note: If your semiannual dates are wrong you will need to fix this in the Pilot Information section.

Once you select a viewer button...

Flight Log Spreadsheet

We tried to keep this simple enough to get the details you need at a glance without making the space looked too crammed. So with that said you get the basics from the spreadsheet and if you’re looking for a little more detail you’ll have to select the flight of interest and you should see it appear in the expanded details below.
Note: The ID column that you see in the far left is your unique log entry number. You can think of it as a row number.

View expanded details by selecting a row.

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