Company Admin Overview

As a company admin you are considered as a super user. You will be able to add and remove aviators in your ATP. You'll know that you're a company ADMIN if you see the admin button on your main menu.



Click Admin Features

Once you click the admin features a new page will appear.

Your Roster of Aviators

1. Refresh Button - you can click that button to refresh the list.
2. Add New Aviator - You can click this button to add a new aviator. (Example is greyed out because once you hit your maximum authorized limit you won't be able to add anymore aviators until you remove one.)
3. Aviator List - Here you can see what permission levels they have. There are 3 Levels.
Normal User (They are your average user. They see no reporting besides their own).
Company User (They are able to see company reports - Ideal for commanders, PL's or IP/SP)
Super User (If you're able to see this admin page you are a super user. Currently you will not be able to assign anyone as a Super User. For that to happen you'll have to contact us.
4. Quantity Authorized - When you purchase a Super User access you purchase the amount of slots you would like to have. In this example we are only authorized 10.

Select a person and edit button appears

Click Edit Button and Options Appear

Here you can update their Name, Email, and User Access Level. If you want to remove you can do that here as well.

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