Pilot Information

This is where you update your RL, Company, Password, Semiannual Hours. You can also choose the duty positions you fly most.

Setting up your personal information is a key element that ensures that your logbook stays up to date for semiannual/APART requirements. More importantly it is required for accurate Reports.

The Information Area will give you hints, tips, and information about the current field that you have selected.

Company Subscription Code & Primary A/C

Admin Data
The Pilot Information most of it under the Admin Data area is used for future reporting. Some of the key fields that need to be filled out would be the following:

  • Name & Email
  • Password
  • ATP Company
  • Primary Aircraft

Primary Aircraft
You can choose your Primary Aircraft from the drop down menu. You’ll notice that the SemiAnnual fields will change based on your selection. NOTE: CHOOSE AN AIRCRAFT BEFORE YOU START LOGGING FLIGHTS.

Company Subscription Code PLEASE READ
Your company selection code is important because this is how you are grouped in company reporting. Only Commanders of the ATP will have access to this and maybe the Platoon Leader. They can use these reports in order to assist them in scheduling flights, knowing who needs to fly based on currency or based on meeting their ATP requirements. If your company doesn't have a key code then select "00000." By selecting "00000" it tells the Army Flight Logbook that you don't belong to ANY company that has a subscription. If you decide to select anything other than the "00000" and your company is not on the subscription list your information will appear in their reporting.

For company subscriptions simply email us by using the contact form. The company subscription is FREE however all aviators must purchase a ArmyFlightLogbook membership in order to log flights.

Adding Duty Positions You Fly Most

Select the drop down menu to choose your common duties

Select the Duty Position

In this example we will add IP. And in order to add it to our list click the ADD button.

Click the Add Button

After you click the ADD button you'll see that it is added to your list. To remove it highlight what you are wanting to remove and click the remove button.

Aircraft Minimums

Aircraft Minimums
Like I said before this will change based on your aircraft. For example if you change the selection from AH64 to OH58 you’ll notice that Simulator Minimums go away since you OH58 pilots don’t have simulators. And they also don’t worry about Seat Minimums. So with that said Aircraft Minimums should be entered based on your Semiannual requirements to include prorations. If you have simulator minimums you enter those values as well.
Ensuring you type these values in correctly is essential for the logbook to give you accurate reports. When we discuss the SemiAnnual Tab in your Flight Logbook this is where it draws the data from. If you don’t have minimums then you can ignore this section. However if you don’t fill these in then you’re not using the logbook to the fullest potential.

Where do you find your minimums required?
You’ll have to check your ATM for those numbers. Based on multiple airframes and ATM’s out there we decided not to auto populate these values

Semiannual Data

Semi Annual Start & End Dates
By clicking the form cells for the dates a menu will drop down where you can choose your dates.
The importance of the Semi Annual Data is these are the dates that Flight Logbook will use when calculating your semi annual report. The Flight Logbook will use those dates to add up every flight in between those dates and subtract the hours you have logged from your minimums that you are required to log.

So that about covers the Personal Information section of the Flight Logbook. In the next chapter we will go over logging your first flight.

Click Save/Update Data

Click the save and update button in order to save the data.

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