Career Summary

Army Flight Logbook will display the total hours you have flown throughout your career.

You will have to click the totals tab in order to see this page.

Totals Page

Simulator and Flight Hour Totals

Here will be a break down based on the logbook you are currently viewing.

Career Summary

This will pull data from your entire logbook from all airframes and models. You have several options above for your choosing. Airframe will ignore models. Models will show hours based on Models. Duty will display hours flown based on PI, PC..etc and Mode will show hours flown based on Day, Night, NVG..etc

Currency and Duty Total Hours based on airframe

This will show you all your currencies based on Aircraft, NVG, Duty totals based on primary airframe.

You can also use the buttons on the bottom to refresh the totals after you have added a flight.

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