Glide Slope - See who needs to fly

Glide slope tells you as a Flight Scheduler who needs to fly in order to meet their ATP minimums.

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Select the Glide Slope Button

It compares the HOURS REQUIRED Column you required per the semi annual period and checks this based on TODAY's date where your TOTAL HOURS REMAINING Column should be if you were on track to meet your A/C Minimums - this is called the BASELINE. The glide slope is the difference from HOURS REMAINING Column and subtracts it from the BASELINE Column.

What does this all mean?

So a way you can interpret this report is if you are POSITIVE number in your GLIDE SLOPE then that person SHOULD FLY. Because you are ABOVE GLIDE SLOPE. If you are ZERO or NEGATIVE then you are on track to meet your ATP Minimums.

If the RED line is you over the course of your semiannual period as you can see by the end of July you were above glide slope because you didn't fly as much as you needed to stay on BASELINE. However in August you were able to fly more hours thus getting you BELOW GLIDE SLOPE. The goal of this report is to show you if you are on track or not based on the number of days left you have in your semi annual period in reaching your Total Hour requirement.

What is Update Needed?

If you see UPDATE NEEDED that means the TODAY's actual date is passed the SemiAnnual End Date that you have set up in your Profile.

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