Army Flight Logbook
Keeping track of flight hours just got easier!

The offline version of the flight logbook is a one time payment for the program for $25. You can get more information about the software by purchasing it from the website.
The online version of the flight logbook is a subscription service. You’ll be charged $25 initially and you will be set up for an automatic payment to occur every year on your signup date. Great price for a lot of tracking tools to assist you in your Aviation Career. You'll get constant access to your logbook and all the updates/upgrades we end up putting into this program. Upon completing payment check your email associated with PayPal for your username and password in order to start logging flights. If you decide to cancel non of your data will be lost if you decide to come back.
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  • Fast Easy SetupOne simple page to fill out and you can start logging flights.
  • Instant AccessOnce payment is complete check your email to get your password.
  • Great SupportGot questions or requests send us an email.
  • Designed by Apache PilotsSo you know it has to be good.
  • Database BackupsWe backup the data daily so in the event that database crash - we can rebuild instantly.
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Important Information about the Army Flight Logbook

This is NOT a stand alone or desktop program. You will need acccess to the internet and one of the supported browsers for this program to work. Cancel at anytime and any logged hours will NOT be removed - just incase you come back!

Current Supported Airframes - If you don't see yours send us an email we will add it.

The aircraft that you see below are the airframes that are currently supported for aviators. If you fly one that isn't currently listed send us an email and we can add it to the list. • AH-64 • UH-60 • OH-58 • CH-47 • TH-67 • MQ5B • RQ7B • BELL 407 • UH-72 • A139
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Do you need Individual or Company Level Access?

Choose your plan below. Big discounts for Company Level Access.