Can I Get a Semi Annual Break Down?

Yes you can get a break down based on your Semi Annuals. This logbook does all the calculations for you.

Select the Semi Annual Countdown Tab

Don't worry if you see No Data here. It is because you haven't clicked the Calculate SemiAnnual Button.

If you didn't set up your SemiAnnual Dates in the Pilot Information Set up then this feature won't work for you.

If you need to Update your SemiAnnul Dates you can do so very easily.

Your Semi Annual Count Down

This feature Counts Down your hours you need in your Semi Annual Period. It even gives you how many days you have left to reach your minimums.

GREEN TEXT is good

RED TEXT means you still have flights to complete.

Using the Hood Toggle

If you would like to use your Simulator Time of Hood time to count towards your semiannual minimums then you would click the Yes button.

This block is defaulted to "Un Checked"


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