Adding Flight Hours

This lesson we will be going over adding some flight time so you can see the hours you flew.

1. Opening the Flight Log Reports

Select the Flight Log Report and a new window will appear.

2. Select Name from Drop Down Menu

*If you don't see your name in the drop down menu...You must add your personal information to the database. Click Here to see how to Add Aviator to Database.

3. Select the "Add Flight Time" button

Once you select that a new window will appear. It is on this window where you can input your data.

4. Your Flight Hour Window

Once you're done with adding all the information you can then click the "Add Flight Time."

1. Name - It will be greyed out so you can't edit anybody's flight but your own

2. Day Hours - The total of Day Hours flown on the given date

3. Night Hours - The total of Night Hours flown on the given date

4. NVS Hours - The total of NVS Hours flown on the given date

5. Hood Hours - The total of Hood Hours flown on the given date

6. NVG Hours - The total of NVG Hours flown on the given date

7. Total Hours - The total of Day + Night+ NVS + Hood + NVG hours flown on the given date. It is an Automatic Totaling box. You can't type in it. It is only there to help you make sure you entered the right amount of hours.

8. Select Date - Just click the date box and a window will appear. Select the date that you flew or wanted to log those hours.

9. Seat Position - Apache has front and back seats. Make sure you log the seat of which you have flown. This program will total up the hours flown in each seat so you can reach your semi-annual minimums.

10. Duty Position - You select from PI, PC, MP, IP, SP, UT& IO

11. Remarks - You can add any notes you want about the flight that you would like to remember for future reference.


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